Gear of the Year: Best Monitors – PMC twotwo.6

A vast range of monitors (some rather exceptional) have been released this year, but our runaway winner is the PMC twotwo.6…

Best Monitors: PMC twotwo.6

Price £4,200 Web


As seen in the struggle to buy his own set of monitors – see his non-award-winning blog – our esteemed editor discovered that everyone has a different opinion on monitors. He opted for Unity Audio’s Rock Mk2s (reviewed next issue so eligible for next year’s awards) and these PMCs (long story), which you also narrowly voted for. Reviewer Huw Price says they ‘deliver everything you could wish for’ with an ‘outstanding sound quality’. Expensive, yes, but we’re true believers in buying fewer, but better quality, components for your studio and that monitors are the most important item.

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A very close second: what a year for monitors – almost as exciting as DAWs. The Eve SC207, Adam F5, KRK Rokit 5 and Yamaha HS7 and Genelec M Series were also in the running, as were the wallet-stretching My Audio Design Grand MS.