Gear of the Year: Keyboard Synths – Yamaha MOXF

Yamaha MOXF

Yamaha has a great reputation when it comes to synth workstations, and MOXF is designed to integrate with today’s DAW setups. Reviewer Andy Jones said: “If you need a great sound source that covers every base and has a lot of scope to edit on-the-fly and create all-new sounds, look no further.


I can easily see this used as a standalone composing tool, say, while a band is touring and then blending those ideas into their recording setups when they get back. Yamaha has done a cracking job at updating the workstation for today’s studio.”

He concluded: “An inexpensive synth workstation with an amazing sound, lots of editing potential, superb sequencer and software integration.”

Full Review: Yamaha MOXF

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