Kuljit Bhamra Interview – ACM Audio Production Event 2017

We speak to the renowned composer and bhangra producer Kuljit Bhamra, creator of over 2000 bhangra songs at The Academy of Contemporary Music’s (ACM) Audio Production Event…

Kuljit Bhamra

Kuljit spent his masterclass giving students a unique insight to his thought process and way of working. During the session, Kuljit performed on the Tabla and told students how his Tabla playing can be heard on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory amongst many other famous films and records.


Questions were encouraged throughout with one student asking Kuljit what his favorite microphone was, Kuljit shared that for live situations he always prefers a SM58 but for studio sessions he would rather a Neuman. After wrapping up his well received masterclass, Kuljit moved to one of the production suits to give students one to one sessions.

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Watch his interview below: