Show off your Studio – The 45th Collection of Jaw-Dropping Studios

Here’s the latest collection of jaw-dropping studios that have landed on the MusicTech digital doorstep over the last few weeks. Like we repeatedly state we don’t care if your studio is still in it’s infancy – what we’re interested in is seeing the VARIETY of studio setups that our audience use (though we have to admit, the flashier the better!)

As always, click the images for larger versions

jaw-dropping studios 1


Bruce Barkelew

 Chris Taylor

Emmanuel Williams


Felix Seremes

more jaw-dropping studios

Fernando Refay

FREQ Audio Recordings

Tracy Towns

Ymsey Ladieg

some jaw-dropping studios

Brandon Mints

Charles Macak

Claudio Cueni (Above and Below)

Fred Lagergren

John Gilmore

JV Trip

Mark Janipka

Rabeh Benino Benia

Ross Finck

Valentin Stein

Yamann Sood