The Latest Collection of Reader Studio Shots

Here’s yet more of our incredible reader studio shots – some large, some small – some amateur, some pro. We don’t particularly mind whether your studio is visually impressive or not, as long as it’s a place where you regularly make music (though do send us the highest resolution pictures possible) Remember to click the images to see the larger versions…

reader studio shots 1

Adam Zwiazek


reader studio shots 2

Adrien Leduc

Ajay Singh Rajput

reader studio shots 3

Billy Lort


Chaim Knetsch

Dan Armstrong

Earnest VR

Eliav Biton Fadeout

Gary Easter

Jaeyessah Caramale Kwikkn

Juryj Makrek

Ken Gibbons

Robsta Dgr

Sakin Bozkurt

Toby Cole