Studio Interviews: Secretsundaze Studios

In this studio interview we have a chat to Luke Hopper, owner of the massively impressive Secretsundaze Studios…

secretsundaze studios

A big desk, big speakers and big screen make a big studio…


MT: What are the key components at Secretsundaze Studios?
Secretsundaze Studios: 24-channel B800 broadcast desk with Penny & Giles faders, Studer preamps, AMEK/Neve channel strip, preamp and EQ plus Neve Pure Path; 1968 Drawmer MkII Tube Compressor; Audio & Design compressor; Akai Valve Tape; WEM Copycat delay.

MT: Which DAW?
Logic Pro X and Ableton Live. We use a combination of both, suited to our artists’ needs.

MT: Favourite gear in Secretsundaze Studios?
Probably the Akai Valve Tape Machine – a perfect bit of kit to make things sound full and old, which we love to do. Just a little touch is enough to make a difference. It features valve in and valve out, to provide a warming distortion that sounds amazing.

MT: How do you use Secretsundaze Studios?
It’s a professional working studio, as well as the creative home of our in-house artists, engineers and producers: George Levings (Endian/Commix), Tony Nwachukwu (CDR/Attica Blues) and Sam Jones (Soundthread).

We offer dry hire, hire with an engineer, mixing and mastering plus courses and training. We have projects going on all the time, with clients, artists and students taking part in classes and workshops. We also have our monthly ‘Out The Box’ feedback sessions for unsigned producers, run in collaboration with CDR, and we’re going to be hosting regular artist masterclasses, too.


MT: Next on your shopping list?
An MPC for the studio – great for sampling and the groove is amazing. We’d be keen to get a Eurorack going to create out-there sounds. We also love the new Eventide multi-FX unit.

MT: Anything annoy you?
Working with older gear can be a little tricky, but it’s all worth it when you hear the character and warmth of the sound.

MT: Any advice?
Take your time and be sure to choose the right setup for you, and shop around!

Secretsundaze Studios Info

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Contact – 0208 525 2838 (London)