Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 19

Another week passes and another flood of #showoffyourstudio images lay on our office floor ready for us to rifle through (that’s a metaphor, we’re not that old-fashioned!) So here’s our picks of the pics of the week…

First up we have the home studio space of Do Nats, cracking!


A fabulous top down view of the key-heavy recording and production space of Estendji Muquifo

A simple but effective setup from Henry Cedeño‎ in this shot.

An aweseome creative space here from Lucho Lozano, nice vibe!


Cracking combo of knobs and wires in this submission from Luis Eduardo Beatluis‎

A mouth watering collection of linked up gear in the music making space of Łukasz Black-Art Czarny

From simple setups to the more complex here, a staggering collection of tools here in the studio of Marco Vedder‎

Mauricio Cubillo sent us this interesting shot, of a very unique setup

Another personalised setup here, lots of miscellanous gear scattered in the little studio of MusicTech reader Michael Miller

Shane Derek Grush

A darkly lit but very cool pro studio from Shane Derek Grush here

A classy, minimalist studio here from Stefan Härdi, nice view (on the screen!)

A lovely, jam packed mini studio hub from Svetoslav Jordanov Petrov

Though the mobile studio of Tini Långstrump‎ may be simple, the inspirational view out of the window more than compensates.

The amazing studio space of TM Recording‎

And finally we end our latest roundup with the multi-monitored setup of Zachary Samuels‎