Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 22

It’s time for our latest show off your studio roundup – we’ve had another sackful of submissions this week: Here’s our faves…

First up this week we’re over-awed by the amazing, action packed studio of Adam Zwiazek – Mavooi Studio


Here’s Bill Kastanakis (apparently he’s a pug) hard at work in his home studio. We’ll leave him alone now… he’s giving us a look!

The home studio of Clady Brown, awesome classic synth and a weird big fan thing!

A breathtaking view out the window of this sweet home setup from Jacco Otten


Jack Morgan has one hell of a colourful bedroom! Complete with outboard gear and acoustic treatment

Jan Osch has finally finished his Bioslave studio, utterly fantastic – not least the Death Star-resembling light

An action packed studio collection in this shot from Kevin Jones

The amazing studio of Logan Christian, a great space to get creative

The neat and nice little home studio of Milan Nossin

And finally we have the pro studio setup of Shane Derek Grush