Show Off Your Studio – Part Three

It’s the most popular feature we’ve ever had on where you simply show off your studios. Just look at all of that gear….

We’ve been blown away by the response to our Show Off Your Studio posts on Facebook where we simply ask for photos of your studio set-ups. We’ve since interviewed many and here are the results. If you want to show off, add your picture to our regular Facebook Show Off Your Studio posts…

Silicone Music Productions


Interviewee: Gustavo A. Sacchetti
Contact: / email

Which DAW do you use and why?
Logic Pro X. The versatility you get with MIDI and audio editing is great. The virtual audio instruments have an excellent quality and the libraries and effects are superb.

Favourite gear and why?
The Trident mixer for its warmth and effects. Another would be the AKG ADR 68k reverb – it has an amazing depth and an even greater versatility.

What do you use your studio for?
I have worked on two productions for Alejandro Sanz, I’ve worked for Paco de Lucía, produced
Argentinian rock bands and I also have a song on James Cameron’s The Dive motion picture soundtrack.

Perfect or room for improvement?
Perfection doesn’t exist and there’s always something more that I want to get…


What is next on your studio shopping list and why?
The Pendulum Audio OCL-2, which I have already reserved, and a Rupert Neve II prototype.

The most important tool to master is the ear, as Paco de Lucía used to say. In the end all that matters is what the musician wants to express, and one has to learn how to capture that moment perfectly.

Bass Lab

Interviewee: Steven Comeau (


Type of studio?
Technically a home studio, but it’s built inside a couple of shipping containers that I welded together in my backyard.

What are the key components?
An Apple Mac Pro, Event Opal monitors, Apogee Ensemble, Vintech X73, Benchmark Audio DAC1 and a Wacom Cintiq.

Which DAW do you use and why?
I use Logic Pro X. Not because I have a great love of Apple, in fact I dislike them intensely as a company, I just have an even greater dislike for using Ableton Live as a production tool.

What is your favourite piece of gear and why?
My Event Opals. It’s a joy to listen to music through them.

How long do you spend in the studio each week?
The question should be ‘how much time do I spend outside the studio in a week?’!

How do you use it?
I specialise in electronic music. I do a fair bit of mixing, remixing and mastering of clients’ work.

Is the studio perfect or is there room for improvement?
There is always room for improvement but I feel the studio sounds as good as one built inside two shipping containers can sound.

Next on your studio shopping list?
I have just returned from Burning Man [a week-long event in the Nevada desert focussed around art and radical self-expression] and any money I have would be better spent on rehab and physiotherapy! That being said, I’m sure to fall prey to some new plug-in within a short period of time. Nothing planned as of yet, though.

What is your dream piece of gear and why?
I have always lusted for a Prophet VS Rack. Not sure exactly why, but the sound of it makes my inner angst-ridden teenager want to write bad industrial music.

Do you have any advice for people starting out?
Buy the best you can, and save and put off purchases if you have to. In the long run you’ll save bags of cash from not having to upgrade or fix good-quality gear. Spend this saved money on procuring an attractive and charming partner who will help lure you outside of your studio and experience this thing people are always talking about called life – your work will improve dramatically from this!

“I haven’t given it a name yet!”

Interviewee: Francisco Castellón Escrivá
Contact: /

What are the main components?
I have two laptops with Cubase, one is a MacBook Pro and the other a PC. I’ve also got a Windows 8 Surface Pro with Traktor Pro 2 and Serato DJ installed. The other main components are the audio monitors, my desktop PC with Cubase 7.5, and my VSTi plug-in collection (Cakewalk, Waves, NI). To control my DAW and for creating melodies I use an M-Audio Axiom 25 keyboard, and for creating drums loops I’ve got a Korg padKONTROL.

Favourite piece of gear?
The software, because it’s the core of my composition flow, particularly NI Battery and Groove Agent for samples and drum loops. After that it’s my Loopmasters sample libraries, all Cakewalk synths, and finally, my huge collection of Waves plug-ins for mixing and mastering.

How do you use your studio?
I’m doing music for fun but trying to work professionally.

Perfect or room for improvement?
The only essential things that you need are a DAW, good audio monitors that complement the room’s acoustic qualities, and a condenser mic to record vocals.

Next on your studio shopping list?
A DAW controller like Mackie Control Pro. I had one but sold it to a friend.

What is your dream piece of gear?
A reFx Nexus2 – it sounds amazing.