Show Off Your Studio: Pawel Uszynski’s post-production Poland paradise

Located in Warsaw, Pawel uses his gear-packed studio for film, TV, commercial post-production and video games.


Studio Owner: Pawel Uszynski
Facebook: Folia Sound Studio

Key kit

  • RME Fireface UFX
  • DSI Prophet REV2-16
  • Access Virus TI Desktop
  • Eventide H9 Max
  • ART VoiceChannel with custom NOS Tesla Tube
  • Shure KSM42/SG
  • 2x iPad + Metagrid

Tell us more about the studio, Pawel!

The studio is located in Warsaw, Poland, in Powisle district of the city. It’s a nice, calm yet modern area of the city, close to Copernicus Science Centre and Vistula river. We’ve been here since summer 2013. Our history goes back to 2008 when I set up my first, really small studio under Folia Soundstudio brand. We always focused on film, TV and commercial post-production (sound designs, VO sessions, mixdowns etc.), now we are also very active in the computer games market. My personal interest is in music production, which started professionally in 2018 with a really visible (and most pleasant!) dedicated space, part of our Studio 1. We have also expanded in time – starting just from one control room and one recording room in 2008, now having three control rooms, each with dedicated recording space.

Which DAW do you use and why?

We are all Nuendo people here, working on the latest version (Nuendo 10). We love it for its friendliness, effectiveness and stability on Windows. It’s also really versatile; you can record, edit, mix, produce music, work on game audio, all in one DAW with no compromise. It’s innovative, too, we find its ADR, game audio and direct offline processing tools really cool and helpful.


What is your favourite piece of gear and why?

All my gear is my favourite, really! But if you told me to get rid of everything and leave just one thing with me, well, I would keep the Prophet Rev2-16 with me. This is an incredibly well-thought-out, deep and just brilliant synth.

How much time do you spend in your studio per week?

It depends on our current projects, but it’s never less than 35 hours, sometimes it can even reach 60 hours. Being more experienced, well equipped and surrounded by competent co-workers, I try not to overwork myself, maintaining an average of 40-45 hours per week.

What is next on your shopping list studio-wise?

Universal Audio Apollo x8p. I love my RME Fireface UFX interface, but the sound of the new Apollos is really tempting. I’m a heavy UAD DSP user – having three UAD-2 octo cards in just one computer and completing my DSP beast with additional cores from Apollo seems a terrific perspective. UAD plugins are my go-to’s in many cases and for many reasons.

SOYS Pawel Uszynski 7
Image: Kinga Kordys

Do you have any frustrations with your current set-up?

Yes, just one. Having so much great gear leaves no space for coffee on my desk. And this is really, really frustrating, believe it or not!

What is your dream piece of gear?


I would love to put my hands on a Schmidt Synthesizer. It’s just a masterpiece of modern analogue engineering – it sounds amazing. Not many units were made (it’s rumoured that the last batch is supposed to be the last batch ever), which gives it some additional hints of magic and a living legend. But buying one actually makes no creative nor business sense to me, so let’s just leave it as a beautiful dream.

What is your top piece of production advice?

Always use your ears first and then – compare to your references. Don’t be afraid to learn new things every day. Take those three, repeat them in natural cycles and you’ll be good. Plus preserve your greatest treasury – your ears – and learn to work with lower SPLs.

What is the one piece of advice you would give someone starting out building a studio?

Make a good technical and business plan, be sure you have some financial backup. Find people among your friends and family who support what you do. Be patient, upgrade in time.

And lastly…that’s a lot of tablets there! How are you using these?

Yes, tablets really fuel my workflow! I’m running two instances of Metagrid on 2019 iPads, Touch Portal on an Android tablet and Wired Xdisplay on another Android machine. They all make me really fast, I can recommend using them to all audio pros! If you want to see how I use them, check out my latest video.

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