#Showoffyourstudio – Pets In The Studio 2

We had so much fun collating your studio pet pics that we couldn’t resist doing it again. If you’ve got a shot that needs to be seen in our next roundup then send your photos to the MusicTech Facebook page. Make sure to check out our first roundup of pets in the studio here.


Andrew Kelly

Ange Litto

Bapt Lesperluette Brentot

Bryan Herbert

Dave Walker

Gary R. Smith

Ginger Suen

Gregory Epler

Johannes Scherer

Kevin Jakeman

Kevin Selph

LULU – Orchestral Tools Teldex Studio

Mor Megidesh

Nathanial Otterstrom

Peter Orre

Ryno Du Preez

Tara Grace Boraine

Terry Duennes

Viral Media