Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 23

Once again we’ve been inundated with your fantastic studio pictures, some truly jaw-dropping shots that we’ve collected together in this, our latest #showoffyourstudio roundup. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin….

First up the simple, clean and ordered studio of Aleksandar Kitevski‎


Amoako Hene

The moodily lit studio of Amoako Hene is pictured in this shot

The amazing desk in the project studio of Floating Stones Productions‎

Some of the amazing instruments on display in the studio of Gus Elizondo


Quite a collection of music technology in the studio of James Carter‎

The very cool triple-monitor setup of Luciano Bubola‎ in this picture

The very awesome music making space of Mark Cozens‎ is pictured here

Another simple-but-effective music production setup sent in to us from Martial Bioux‎

Matteo Il Matto Zanelli has a range of colourful gear in his music making area

Some of the impressive (and colourful) gear in the studio of Pitorio Torpini

The well-illuminated, tranquil studio of Sabby Singh

Some awesome gadgets here in the music making setup of Stephen Widden‎

Victor Mabry‎’s studio here, complete with hound!

Our audience now stretches across the whole world – case in point this submission from ‘노윤형’ – thanks!

One of the most well-ordered and impressive studio shots we’ve received in this picture from Jan Tlama Tlamka