Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 9

After our Christmas break it was pretty awesome to return to an inbox (and social media platform walls) chocka block full of new Show off your Studio images! Here’s our pick of the initial faves…

What a fantastic, gear-heavy and colourful music making paradise that Dan Armstrong has here. Great shot too.


A great shot here from Andrew Diaz, some fascinating artwork too

A simple but effective setup here from Arijit Chakraborty, nice chair! And nice NS-10’s

A stylish shot of a knob-heavy studio setup from Brendan Kelly


Darren Miller sent us this shot of his impressive music making room, we approve of the choice of reading also!

David Israel Lechuga Franco

Now you can’t argue with the coolness of this place, giving David Israel Lechuga Franco a full 360 degrees of control!

Quite a moody, simple but striking shot of the music making space of Federico Cerruti

A lovely keyboard, piano and synth haul in this shot from Johan Baeckström, a dazzling range of equipment and musical potential

Levi Aleksander’s got quite the enviable music tech collection don’t you agree? Love that modular

Awesome lighting in the triple-monitored studio of Markus Moutinho da Silva. Though we fear we’d drift off to sleep!

quiet nothning studios erik rex

The chilled and ambient Quiet Nothing Studios (great name!) is pictured here in this shot from Erik Rex

Last but certainly not least, the music making hall of Shay Dan, we’d love to spend just five minutes in this place!