Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 10

We’ve been a bit snowed under (like most of the East Coast) of late with the constant whirlwind of NAMM 2016, but we’ve found time to compile our latest favourite Show off your Studio pictures. Some real beauties here this week…

A bright, glowing screen in this great little setup from Adam House‎


Agustin Hodoyan sent us this awesome shot of his studio (and cat!) 

Fran Garcia’s got quite the gear haul, no excuses for not making a masterpiece with this gear!

Francesco Synth Meeting Mulassano – is the name of the sender of this shot, another impressive collection of gear


A fantastic studio space from John Rokas‎, what do you play with first?

A fascinating and very very cool studio space here from Justin Welgraven

Kristijan Brodar sent us this awesome, lived in, studio space

Nicky Ross

A brightly coloured little space here from Nicky Ross, love the warm orange lighting

Oliver Frange-Bowen sent us this shot of his impressive keyboard & synth collection!

Peppe Russo‎ sent us this dark, cool little picture of his home studio. Nice wall treatment

A gorgeous studio shot from Raymond Obouvie, There’s something quite unique about this room.

An awesome, enviable, studio here in this photo from Saro Torikian

Nice desk in this photo from Sasan Mousavi

The 8-armed Steve Cole hard at work in his studio! 

Thodoris Chatzopoulos‎ sent us this tidy little studio shot, nice sofas!