Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 12

Another week passes and another salvo of studio shots came rapidly firing through our door (well our inbox anyway) it’s time to pick our faves. There’s some gorgeous ones this week…

Kicking things off we have this great studio sent in by Andreas Prenen, that’s one hell of a desk


This warmly lit studio from Andrew Keith Russell also has a pretty nice mixing console. Quite a thin room, could be on a boat!

A great music making space in this submission from Ecrob Iksvonamzuk

A pretty straightforward but very cool studio space from Luis Meneses. Less is sometimes more!


On the theme of less is more check out the minimal setup of Mus’ab Talha Açıksöz

Norwood Burress sent us this, very personalised, studio space full of cool stuff!

A great, dimly lit, shot from Riccardo Spaggiari

Romeo Oscar November sent us this updated shot of his studio, it gets better and better!

Here’s Deff Monk Studios in this awesome picture sent in by Sam Risaliti. Love the walls!

Toni Heinonen sent us this awesome shot of his studio, concluding our theme of big desks!