Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 15

We’re getting more studio shots submitted now than ever before across our various different social media channels, you can now follow our Show off your Studio series (and more) by following us on Pintrest here – but without further ado, let’s check out our latest fave studio shots…

Kicking things off this week we have this absolutely incredible, mouth-watering studio shot sent in by Maddox Messer, this is Messatory Studios


Adige Kafkas

Next up a very different kind of studio space, the compact but cool studio of Adige Kafkas

Here’s another unique setup from Andy Werner, great desk!

A dark studio here, illuminated by the glow of a couple of Logic projects. It’s the studio of Avgoustis Politis


Now this is our kind of studio! Gear heavy and personalised too, thanks Clive Knapper

Dimitris Donald Kananis

Jeepers, that’s quite a desk! We don’t think this is living in anyone’s loft – thanks Dimitris Donald Kananis for this pro studio shot

Another shot from the studio of ‘Gra Ham’ that we just loved, that lighting!

Another fantastic studio here! This one belongs to Guillaume Shaolin. Some amazing gear in this setup

It’s good to sometimes see the studio owners in their space, here’s Ivan Turcinov in his studio 

Quite a cool selection of gear here – though if you get any more Jonathan Lanyon, you may need a bigger desk!

Michael Woodrow Walters‎

Michael Woodrow Walters‎ sent us this very impressive and very cool quad-monitor studio shot. Wowzers

Lots to play with here in the music making space of Odell Law‎, quite a colourful project going on 

Huge monitor here in the studio of Ron Cormier‎, quite a lot of faders too!

Selim Aysan sent us this shot of yet another gear-heavy studio. This is pretty ideal – keep those blinds closed!

A cracking and cosy space here from Simon Elvers. Love the wooden panelling and the lofty-vibe!

And finally, a range of toys link up to the music-making hub of Valentin Stein. Love it!