Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 16

Here we go again, prepare to salivate as we display our favourite studio image submissions of this week…

The rather poshly named Charles Leon England JR sent us this magnificent picture of his studio setup.


An amazing collection of synths in the music making space of Aaron Atchison

Here’s Jazz Milburn in her amazing home studio hard at work

Wow, that’s quite a rack! we’re drooling at the thought of playing around in the studio of Johnboy Sutherland


Lauro Martins sent us this top-down shot of his amazing music making space – nice decks!

The simple but very effective home studio of Levente Csillag‎

An ominously lit studio in this great shot from Martin Kerezov

The axe and studio of  Michael Woodrow Walters‎, rock on dude!

Romeo Oscar November

Here’s another angle of the amazing studio of Romeo Oscar November

One of our favourite ever #showoffyourstudio submissions was the studio of Sinisha Golemac, here’s another great shot from his music making hub