Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 18

It’s time to have a look at our favourite reader studios of the week, some absolute corkers here! Keep your shots coming in via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everywhere else using hashtag #showoffyourstudio

Firstly we have the music making space of producer Andrés Valverde Romero, some nice little bits here


The home studio space of Chris Gøspel, great aesthetic

The dark, ambient studio of Cory Miller‎, great angled set-up

A simple, straightforward little setup here from Dale Chapman


The fantastic set up of Edgardo Andrês, nicely treated

The dual-monitor studio of Frank van Meel in this shot, nice chilled lighting

Here’s MusicTech reader Kenneth Krals‎ (we presume!) hard at work in his studio doing a bit of recording. Awesome

What Lucas Barbuzzi‎ lacks in gear, he makes up for with a stunning view out of the window!

Naresh Putty‎ sent us this shot of this tranquil studio space, a great relaxing and simple music making environment

The very cool space here of Ryan White, love the illuminated Moog

We often have complaints that the studios we show aren’t ‘pro’ enough – sometimes we feel the need to re-state the M.O. of #showoffyourstudio which is to display the vastly different arrays of music making spaces that our readers and followers use. To illustrate that here’s Shailesh Manav’s submission, not your average ‘pro’ studio but a flexible setup that works for him!

The drum heavy setup of Thomas Baldridge, we’d love to lay down some beats in here!

The widescreen monitor dominates the home studio of Thomas Macie‎, some real treats in this shot

An astonishing pro studio here in this shot from Timo Baker, lovely treatment and get a load of that desk!

Finally we have the home studio space of Vahid Alirezaee, again with awesome lighting.