Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 24

It’s time to collect our latest #showoffyourstudio shots together in one place, check these beauties out…

First up we have the AudiopleXus Mastering studio, fantastic illumination on some high-end gear. A safe pair of hands to look after your mixes for sure…


Next up we have the home studio of Blessson John, good overhead lamp lighting to reduce eye strain

Francisco Moreno Lopez sent us this great studio shot of the refined FM EStudio, very impressive

Here’s an interesting setup sent in by Jay P. Nassar‎, love the wall-mounted monitor


A great home studio shot sent into us by Jimmy Nanou

The home studio of Manab Deka, simple but effective!

Quite an interesting studio shot here, lots of mixers, dual monitors and a red/black colour scheme. Sent in by Marcin Talagowski

A lovely pro studio shot here from SamJay Prod, a lovely area to make music in…

A cracking home studio here in this shot from SirNever GOb, nice acoustic treatment

An amazing overhead shot sent into us by Terrany Johnson‎, what a collection of gear!

And finally the starkly lit but very cool studio space of Tim Carlberg, love the vibe in here!