Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 28

We’ve not had as many studio submissions as usual over the last two weeks – forcing us to look back at some older, neglected submissions. However just as we were assembling a ‘golden oldies’ roundup a swathe of pretty cool new ‘uns landed at our feet. Here are said new ‘uns – enjoy our latest show off your studio collection…

First up, this lovely photo from Alex Nannola, love the lighting (and the gear!) 


George Aspiotis sent us this shot of his pro studio. Fantastic setup full of mouth-watering hardware

A great shot here of the studio of Igor Rabinovich‎, A great environment to work in, we like the decorative vinyls as well

Jeremy Wilson sent us this picture of his immaculately tidy production hub!


A small-ish studio setup in this shot from Kiran Ambekar… is it actually in a shower cubicle? It certainly looks that way!

Moses Isaiah sent us this great shot of his music making gear setup. He seems to have imprisoned Batman in this gadget-dungeon too.

A very stark, simple music production room here from Roman Berger, we think he needs to kit it out with a bit more gear – but a promising start!

A great music-making room in this shot from Simon Jobe, some very awesome kit on display

Recent MusicTech Chart topper Steve Cain sent us another shot of his music creation zone – one we couldn’t not share! Crikey – get a load of all that gear – You can hear Steve’s music here

Victor Vazquez sent us this picture of his production hub – again, a nice balanced collection of top hardware. Thanks Victor!