Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 3

Once again we compile a photographic list of our favourite #showoffyourstudio submissions of the week. If you’ve got an amazing setup that you’re proud of or simply a collection of music making gear that’s unique then we want to see your photos! You could be featured here and/or interviewed both online and in the magazine. Let’s move on to this week’s collection….

Amazing Studio 1

We’re kicking off this week with Edwinson Torsten’s amazing looking studio space. Compact (but also packed!) with stuff!


Amazing Studio 2

A very colourful DJ workstation sent in to us by Ernesto Félix Hays. Love the combo of tablet and desktop

Amazing Studio 3

While we’re on the subject of DJ setups, here’s a cracking DJ/production studio used by Jhallel Lazar. It’s called Parametric Studio and is based in Istanbul

Amazing Studio 4

This one is slightly less packed, but it has everything needed to create pro sounding music. This studio is owned by Julian King


Amazing Studio 4

Now we like this one not so much for the impressive gear but because it’s made from purpose built Ikea furniture! Thanks Kevin Croner

Amazing Studio 5

A simple but effective music making setup (nice to see some acoustic treatment) from Maor Tfilin

Amazing Studio 5

More studio treatment here in this cracking attic space studio, photo sent in by Morten Pøhner

Amazing Studio 6

The incredible, futuristic space of Murali Krishna Nair. There’s much to love about this studio

Amazing Studio 7

Another incredible desk (and incredible gear collection, obviously!) this studio is used by Simone Gatto

Amazing Studio 8

We’ll end this roundup the way we came in, with another look at the amazing studio of Edwinson Torsten. Great lighting