Show Off Your Studio – Weekly Roundup 30

It’s hard to believe we’ve now done 30 roundups of your #showoffyourstudio images (as well as our regular, interview series of features too!) If anything the submissions have got better in recent weeks, with some truly staggering shots being shared across our social media walls and inboxes. Here’s our latest collection…

Amazing Studio

Here’s another shot from the studio of Adam Zwiazek, this time he’s actually in it. Looks like a great environment in which to work


Cool Studio

Lots of very fun gadgets all linked together form the studio space of Joseph Morrison

A very cool room, and a very efficiently arranged studio here in this shot sent in by Agustin de la Torre

Avi Dust sent us this pic of his awesome little physical-mixer based setup, like the custom-made desk!


A simple but cool setup in this shot sent in to us by Bam Nano-k Bloc

A gear heavy studio, lots of hardware in what appears to be a roof based studio! Thanks Ben Armstrong

The fantastic pro studio of Clovis Noprog Dlc, love that desktop wallpaper!

Deni Udorović

A colourful collection of gear lined up in the studio of Deni Udorović

What instrument do you think Derek Whitaker‎ plays? a great studio setup with an axe-heavy flavour!

Do you think Grysza Em has enough acoustic treatment!? Jeepers – it’s like a wasps’s nest

Juraj Klička

Juraj Klička hard at work with his studio-dog

We’ve got a bit of a theme going of actually seeing the music makers in their studio shots this week – here’s the previously featured Martha Plachetka composing

Martijn Naber sent us this shot of his compact little studio – jam full of awesome kit!

A tidy and well ordered studio here in this shot sent into us by Ryan Dieffenbach.