Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 31

Another week, another gamut of Show off your Studio images have come flooding through our door. As usual we’ve prioritised the newer, most impressive shots but we’ve also looked back at some older classics that either weren’t featured or were featured so long ago that it’s time to feature them again. Enjoy!

The very cool studio of Arnold RJ, very nice gear setup, lighting and tiny Buddha!


Jimmy Studio

The DJ setup of Jimmy Deal, complete with Akai controller and Native Traktor hardware

Another studio with eye-catching illumination, this one belongs to Ajinkya Khambete‎

The studio room of Arbnor Sh Salıhu, love the sofas and the general vibe of this place


A great shot here from Dave Peterson, featuring his amazing, well-organised studio setup. Love that looming screen

A gear packed music making wonderland in this picture sent in by Simone Cilio, lots to play with in here

Another impressive music-making world in this shot sent in by Solar Phonix‎.

Ta Quang Huy sent us this great pic of his massive monitor, and massive mixing desk. 

Thomas Crossley’s studio is well organised, full of modern music making gadgets, acoustic treatment and personalised touches. What’s not to like?

The ambiguously named X Syntax sent us this cool shot of his small music making setup.