Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 32

Welcome back to another collection of jaw-dropping Show off your Studio pictures sent in by our music technology loving audience. This time we’ve dug out some more older shots that we couldn’t accommodate previously, as well as a usual selection of brand new submissions that amazed us here in the MusicTech office. Enjoy!      

Amazing Studio

Firstly we have the great studio (And very cool chair) of Aamir Ghani. Nice to see some acoustic treatment too.


Another amazing shot of the project studio of Adam Adztrax‎, we love that lighting – and the wall mounted keyboards

Alejandro Torrez sent us this colourful mini shot of his cluttered but still impressive setup

Now we’ve already featured loads of shots from Alican Yazicioglu, but we couldn’t help but share this one – once again showcasing his high-rise NY based studio. We don’t half envy his creative hub.


Dana Sullivan sent us this shot of classy, well ordered studio setup featuring a range of great kit.

A wider angled shot here of the studio of George Napier‎, literally loads to play with in this room.

A futuristic space here in this shot sent in by Kingboy Kingo – that lighting is something else!

Les Graham‎ sent us this shot, another classy setup with a customised desk and acoustic treatment.

A DJ-based setup here in the poster heavy room of Ricardo Elgardo. Every studio needs a lava lamp – fact!

Another relatively simple setup here from Robert Boswell, A cool combo of gear.

A pro setup here from Serge Ramaekers‎, nice big desk and a cool collection of mounted keys. 

A multi-screened music making setup here in this photo sent in by Simon Tanner‎ 

A setup from Thomas Lawes, designed to create soundtracks for films and documentary projects….

One from the archives now – a shot submitted way back in 2014. This one is Valerio Giorgio‎’s studio and has probably been improved since the submission of this shot. But still, very awesome

A lovely setup here from Yong How. Lots of incredible gear all linked together in the corner of his colourful studio room.