Show Off Your Studio – Weekly Roundup 35

Here we are, at our thirty-fifth weekly roundup (though we should really stop calling them that as they’re becoming at least fortnightly!) we like to wait a little bit longer to get more quality shots compiled, though we are grateful for every image we receive. We also get a lot of studio imagery via Instagram and, if you don’t follow us, you can find us using the username musictech_official. Anyhoo – let’s take a look at our latest pics…

First up the extraordinarily well lit studio of Carl Witt, sent to us via Instagram


In this shot from Clinton Stibbs we see a fish-eye view of another very cooly lit studio, love that multi-coloured keyboard

A very well organised, clean and gear-heavy studio shot here sent in by Dejan Djurovic

A very cool studio here from Fotis Fo, dark illumination but a very snazzy setup. With a multi-camera feed giving him control over other areas of his studio (or maybe he’s just security conscious?)


This fantastic setup was sent to us by Geert Declerck, we favour the big monitor with side-laptop approach ourselves

A wide-angled shot of the studio of James Shipwright, some very nice gear including a Juno 60

John Alexander sent us this amazing arrangement of  studio gear. Lots of options and lots of control

Here’s the very nicely organised studio of Neil Ritchie. We want a desk like that

Nick Fz sent us this very ambient studio shot of Posterchild Productions. Nice monitor arrangement also.

Another great photo from Pedro Amaral, with a very wide monitor!

Pietro Cacciapuoti and his friends are pictured here, hard at work in their project studio

Lovely blue lighting (but turn the main light off!) in the studio of Raul Cancino Arroyo. Looks quite tight with the double monitors!

Rishanda Singgih is pictured here in his studio in this shot sent to us via Instagram. If you don’t already you can follow us on Instagram at username musictech_official

Tom Parker sent us this amazing studio shot, there’s quite a wide selection of monitors and a nice ambient lighting theme going on

Tom Treivish sent us this small but effective modern guitar-oriented studio setup.