Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 4

It’s time for another roundup of your #showoffyourstudio photo submissions. We’ve had some absolutely brilliant shots sent in this week. Remember to send yours via the usual channels and you could be featured online and in the mag!

We’re kicking off this week with the awesomely lit musical workspace of Adam Adztrax, apparantly he can change the lighting colour to suit his mood!


Here’s a knob-heavy shot sent in by Arthur Young of his personal studio workspace. Lots to play with here

Here’s the rock n’roll studio of Darell Dragoo, Studio MC7 in Austin, Texas

Now this might just be the most impressive #showoffyourstudio submission ever, the amazing Summerfield Recording Studio sent into us by David Beadsmore. There’s nothing we don’t love


A nice, somewhat spiritual little music making setup from Gaz Robinson

An incredible submission sent into us by Jimmy Smith JR, Key-heaven!

There’s something of a mood-lighting theme this week, here’s the home studio of Karl Smith

The multi-purpose music room of Ric Lai

Rui Pereira sent us this nicely arranged studio shot, again with wall to wall keys!

Inspiring words on the monitor of this humble but pretty cool setup, sent in by Sriharshaa Prabhakar.

Be still our geek-ing hearts! Here’s something we’ve never seen before – an awesome Steampunk studio setup. We doff our bowler hats to you Gianni Lupi

Here’s a cosy little studio setup sent in by Thomas Gutmayer, nice to see an electronic drum kit!