Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 5

It’s time to roundup some of our favourite studio shots of the last week. We’ve got some real corkers this time. Scroll down through our gallery below…

Firstly we’ve got the visually splendid studio of Sinisha Golemac, there is literally so much going on in this studio it’s left us speechless! 


This lovely studio was first featured over a year ago, now Christoph-Hoppe-Thiele has updated his setup somewhat. Amazing

A great home studio setup with a fantastic desk plus reel-to-reel sent in by Don Ker Mor Muj

Either massive KRK’s or a really small screen (or odd perspective!) in this shot from Dress Garbaui


A great setup here in this studio shot from Jack Arrowsmith

An arty B+W shot here from Kristian Di Vogli Costica of his aesthetically pleasing setup

The humorously named Minoo Minoo hard at work in his glowing studio 

First and foremost an amazing desk here in this studio shot from Piotr Laska. Some nice gear is here too though

Cracking, three-monitor setup here in the studio of Sagy Amir

We’ve previously featured the fantastic sci-fi themed studio of Tommy GB Jansson. Talla 3 is looking very impressive these days.

Now we’re not actually sure who sent this shot in, but it’s mighty impressive and we thought we’d give it some love. So much to play with!