Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 6

It’s that time again, time to roundup the best of the Show off your Studio submissions from our readers this week via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (and directly under this post using the FB Comments system) We’ve got 15 amazing, jaw-dropping studios to show you this week. Are you sitting comfortably? then we’ll begin…

Firstly we have the lovely simple setup of Adam Hendrickson, some very impressive synths in this room and a nice shabby chic desk/chair…


Next we have this glowing studio setup sent in by Adam Sz, it’s hard to make out too much detail as to what gear he’s using but there’s something quite divine about that bright white light!

Next up, the pad-heavy setup of Andy Schultz‎, nice Push to monitor connection.

Carl Witt sent us this cracking Instagram shot of his music making area, not your traditional arrangement of gear…


Chris Worner

Chris Worner sent us this impressive quadruple monitor shot

Fear and Loathing in Dominique Sonntag’s studio. Impressive art and impressive setup. Nice racks.

Enrico Castiello

Enrico Castiello sent us this quite classy studio shot. Nice acoustic treatment

Another gear-heavy shot here from Fran Garcia with a similar level of acoustic treatment

A Facebook account called Go Half sent us this fantastic top-down shot. Love it!

A great shot of Three Sixty Records’ studio sent in by Hazeen El-Saeed


Wow – that’s all we can say about this incredible, futuristic studio photo sent in by Jasmin Barbir. So much to love here

Jonathan Duchesne sent us this great little studio shot.

Purest green in the studio of Márcio Durãe. Love the small secondary monitor

Here’s a rarity, a producer actually making music in his studio setup. Here’s Orçun Yapak with a whole host of classic instruments in this uniquely setup studio

Finally we’ve got the studio of Romain Constant. A very tidy and efficient setup that still contains a lot of gear.