Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 7

We’re well into winter now and many of us are heading into our studios to keep warm (for a change!) But don’t you wish you had just a bit more gear? Or is your studio missing something undefinable? Let our latest Show off your Studio roundup inspire you…

We’re kicking things off with this nice and effective setup from a Facebook user called Сале Џи

Dalibor sent us this fantastic shot of his Moog heavy setup


A top down view of the studio setup of Colin Caddies‎

James Morgan sent us this dark but cosy studio shot, an amazing collection of gear

A very well ordered and organised studio here sent in to us from reader, Jimmy


‘Jono Notbono’ sent us his stylised studio in this picture. Lots of hidden goodies here.

Here’s Matt Shepard’s Tweed Studio, nice collection of guitars there along with some lovely music technology

A great shot from Nixs Dian of an amazing gear haul

A dark, gothic kind of studio in this shot from Orro Se

Last but certainly not least, another amazing shot from the studio of Sinisha Golemac. Words fail us – it’s absolutely spectacular!