Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 8

Once again it’s time to have a look at some of our reader studios in the latest Show off your Studio roundup. We’ve had only a few submissions this week, but by crikey they’re impressive! To make up the numbers we’ve looked back at some of the other studios submitted over the last few months that wowed us that we couldn’t find space for in our previous roundups. So let’s begin with something quite special…

Amazing Studio

This incredible shot of The Red Room London was sent in by Miloco Studios who own it. A perfect, sensual environment to craft your mixes don’t you think? If only we had a spare room…


Cool Studio

A nice, smooth and well ordered studio space here in this photo sent into us by Dan Pete. Cracking workstation

A multi-coloured dreamland here sent in by John Sarafimovski. Amazing gear but to be honest the lighting would send us a little mad!

Fantastic Studio

Another amazing gear haul, with some equally impressive monitor action in the studio of Karol Obara


Recording Studio

A great desk here, housing some mouth-watering music technology. Thanks Mario Guillermo

Home Studio

Cor blimey!, a Jupiter 50 sits comfortably alongside some recent Roland Aira gear in the studio of Marnix Praet

Incredible Recording Studio

It’s another shot sent in by Miloco Studios, here we have the outstanding Pool Studio.

Recording Studio 2

A more vintagey studio here, with a classic, analogue vibe. It’s the musical workspace of Nasser Bouzida

Studio Life 2

A cosy little studio space here sent in by Sean Lackner, love the colossal monitors

Terrany Johnson sent us this might shot of his studio workspace loaded full of music technology.

Studio Life 4

Lovely lighting and a great collection of hardware and software in this shot from Thomas Fischer

Amazing Studio

A gloomy shot of one hell of an impressive studio space sent in by Zero Productions

Finally we’ve got another shot sent in to us by Miloco Studios, here’s the gorgeous Livingston Studio 1 which Miloco partly own. Very impressive is an understatement

And that’s it for this week, keep your studio shots coming in via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or via the comments below this page.