Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 2

It’s that time again, time to roundup our favourite show off your studio photo submissions this week. Keep them flooding in for your chance to be featured! Without further ado…

studio 1

Here’s the nice looking home studio of the interestingly named Marc Antony Batmandica. Great lighting and cracking gear


studio 2

Amazing wide shot from Alex Quinta of Agruv Studios.

studio 3

There definitely seems to be a bit of a studio cat trend at the moment, here’s the studio (and cat!) of Clem Lavdrops

The guitar-heavy music making space of Fabrice Mareau


Nice B&W shot of the studio of Daniel WasteNoize Uitz

Lots to play with in this shot from Paride Pavone

Though not technically submitted this week, we rediscovered this amazing studio shot from SG Selfoss the other day. Amazing setup

The very nice dual monitor setup of Tom Cross

Dark and moody but still ruddy cool. Here’s the studio of Frederic Neve of Typoon 8 Records

And finally…. though it’s breaking the remit a little it still was worthy of inclusion. Look at that content little cat face!