Show Off Your Studio – Part Nine: Page 3

Jack Treacle

Interviewee: Jack Treacle

Main Studio Components?
Apple MacBook Pro I5, NI Maschine Studio Controller, Akai Miniak, NI Komplete.


Which DAW and why?
Maschine 2.0 and Cubase. Maschine works with its own controller with state-of-the-art functionality and samples like a good ’un. Cubase speaks for itself.

Favourite piece of gear and why?
Maschine has it all. If you dug the MPC you will get this and more. It has high resolution screens that keep your eyes on the controller, not the laptop – key for live performance. The Miniak is a sequencer; a proper wild animal with twisted sensibility and remarkable intelligence .

How do you use the studio?
To make music to play at weekends. I don’t DJ. I play live so that all music can be changed to suit the audience. All my music is painstakingly written. I may also utilise some of the local vocal talent at the local college for spoken/sung samples.

Next buy?
The Pioneer RMX 500. I want to play less content and extend loops using effects to stretch and manipulate the sounds and expand each note while retaining the same sound it came from.

Perfect or room for improvement?
I need a more comfortable chair and a better view from my top floor.