Studio Interviews: Ymsey aka Findout Music

In this studio interview we speak to Ymsey (aka Findout Music) who has loads of controllers and loads of cats. What more does today’s studio owner need?

Findout Music and Ymsey Studio

MT: Key components?


Laptop PC, 8GB; M-Audio Fast Track C400, enough for my use here and really user friendly; KRK Rockit 6, my first monitors and I know them well; NI Maschine MK1, my first controller/groove station – still dope; Ableton Push 2, a stunning, logical choice; Novation ReMOTE SL MkII 25, the best key bed I’ve touched at this price – but annoying joystick issue; Technics SL-D21 turntable with Riga phono preamp; Roland SP-404SX; Korg Electribe 2, sound is limited, but I can spend hours on it; Korg Kaoss Pad Mini; Apex 435 mic; iPad Air; Korg NanoKey Studio and Monotron Delay; Logitech gaming mouse, my nunchucks when editing, Zoom H1 field recorder; DIY binaural mic.

Which DAW do you use?

Ableton Live. Firstly, because I love its creative conception, possibilities, workflow and the Max For Live. Second, because by learning it by myself with tutorials, forums, sites etc, I’ve learned a ton of sound concepts that I lacked using only FL Studio. I edit my tracks and mixes really fast with it and I use mainly its own devices.

Favourite gear?

nanoKey Studio – it fits all my needs in every place I am.


How do you use your setup?

Most of the time, as a creative and experimentation tool for my instrumentals. But also in patch making, sound-design works, and finger drumming training.

What is next on your shopping list, gear-wise?

A better soundcard to record more. I’d also like a 61-note MIDI keyboard – piano lessons are in progress. Also a budget analogue poly synth with nice features – a Minilogue, I think.

Anything that annoys you?

I just wish I had a little more space to expand my studio.

Dream gear?

Teenage Engineering OP-1. The absolute digital synth and music board.

Any advice?

After reading reviews of all of that gear and convincing yourself you want it, wait for one more week before buying it. And if you still want it – you are absolutely sure – it will give you years of happiness. Learn techniques about music making that you know nothing about and feel comfortable with what you already know.

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