Studio Interviews: Hassan Shaikh

We join Hassan Shaikh who is busy saving to upgrade his basement studio in Hyderabad, Pakistan…

hassan shaikh

Interviewee Hassan Shaikh


  • RØDE NT2-A mic
  • JBL LSR308 monitors
  • Novation Launchkey 61 MkII controller

MusicTech: Tell us about the studio, where it’s situated and how long you’ve been there?

Hassan: My studio is in Hyderabad, Pakistan. I’ve been working in it since March 2015.

MT: Run through a kit list of the main components in your studio?

H: RØDE NT2-A mic, JBL LSR308 monitors, Novation Launchkey 61 MkII controller, Steinberg UR22, Behringer B-2 Pro mic, Presonus BlueTube DP v2 preamp, Behringer Mic2200 preamp, Scarlett 2i2 Studio Bundle (for working on the move).

MT: Which DAW do you use and why?


H: I’m using Cubase 9, because I love working on Cubase and it’s very easy to understand, it has the best VST plug-ins for any recording or music-production purpose. The GUI of Cubase is also very impressive.

MT: What’s your favourite piece of gear?

H: All are favourites in my studio, but my RØDE NT2-A, Novation Launchkey and JBL LSR308s are just awesome.

MT: How do you use your studio – are you recording bands, working professionally, or making music for fun?

H: I’m working with many artists and bands since I started out. It’s my passion, my profession… everything.

MT: What is next on your studio shopping list?

H: I’m going to upgrade my audio interface and get some outboard gear.

MT: Does anything annoy you about your setup and why?

H: My studio is in the basement of my house, so sometimes I have a lot of issues with flooding from the rain.

MT: What is your dream piece of gear?

H: Neumann U 87, Avalon, Dynaudio monitors, a UAD audio Interface… These are my dream pieces of gear because of the quality; I’ll be able to buy these soon.

MT: What’s your top production advice?

H: If you listen well, then you produce well.

MT: Any advice for building a studio?

H: Don’t go for high-end equipment. Start with basic needs – and when you’re able to afford better gear, go for it.