Studio Interviews: Mauro Nakimi

Mauro Nakimi has one of the more unusual set-ups we have seen – and we applaud him for it! He has no DAW to sequence everything but instead, he records everything live and then edits it later with Adobe Audition. We always love studios that break the mould. Go for it Mauro…

Mauro Nakimi

Interviewee Mauro Nakimi
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  • Akai MPC2500
  • Lots of vintage analogue equipment
  • Choice bits of new analogue gear
  • Behringer and Tannoy monitors
  • Adobe Audition to edit it all

Tell us about your amazing studio, Mauro…

I’m from Cádiz in southern Spain and the studio is in El Puerto de Santa María. I’ve been here for around 14 years. I have owned others studio spaces before and have been producing music since 1991. The studio here is mainly focused on electronic music composition and mastering work.

What are your main pieces of studio gear there?

My studio is driven by an AKAI MPC that controls a lot of synths including an Arturia MatrixBrute, an Analogue Solutions Leipzig Rack, Trax RetroWave R-1, AVP Synth MAD-5, Novation KS Rack and Vermona Perfourmer MK1.

Then there’s also a Vermona DRM Mk3 drums, MAM ADX1, Roland Space Echo RE-201 effects, Behringer SX3242FX mixer, Behringer TRUTH 3031A monitors, Behringer TRUTH B2029A subwoofer, Tannoy Reveal 5A monitors, two Technics SL-1200 MK2 decks, Pioneer DJM-800 mixer.


Which DAW do you generally use and why?

I don’t use a DAW for composition. I write my music on an Akai MPC2500 and record it live and then mix and master it using Adobe Audition. I do use Pro Tools, Logic Pro and Ableton for portable set-ups on stage.

What’s your favourite piece of studio gear and why?

I always prefer the sound of true analogue gear and I own a few bits of classic gear, but right now something I would like to own, but don’t, is the Analogue Solutions Fusebox. It has a sound that I love.

How do you use your studio? Professionally or just for fun?

I use it to work professionally on my music, and I also use it to do a lot of mastering for many digital and vinyl labels. I also own a vinyl-only record label, Back To Wax Records.

What is next on your studio gear shopping list?

Right now I’m changing a lot of my gear and searching for new things for some upcoming projects. So now I’m currently looking at buying the aforementioned Analogue Solutions Fusebox, and also looking at the Akai MPC Live, DSI Tempest, MFB Dominion 1, Analogue Solutions Telemark-K, Analogue Solutions Leipzig SK and Access Virus TI Polar.

What is your dream gear?

The Yamaha CS-80 is the most beautiful synth I’ve ever played.

Does anything annoy you about your current studio setup?

Not at the moment. I always choose gear that makes me feel comfortable, and if I have something that I’m not gonna use any more, I change it immediately.

Top production advice?

Everyone has to be themselves. Do what you are good at and always have fun, using whatever gear and methods you are comfortable with.

Top studio advice?

Make sure that you focus on the kind of studio that you want to build – hybrid, analogue, software or whatever – and make music that you really feel.