Studio Interviews: Robsta DGR

Germany’s Robsta DGR gives us the guided tour of his beautiful studio, where we chat about his favourite gear and life in the studio…

robsta dgr

MusicTech: Tell us about the gear in the studio?


Robsta: Asus F550L laptop; a 19-inch Packard Bell monitor; KRK Rokit 5 G3 studio monitors; Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro headphones; RØDE NT2A, Shure SM58 and T-Bone SC450 and SC 1100 microphones; ART Tube microphone preamp; Focusrite Scarlett Studio interface; Alesis Q49 MIDI keyboard; Akai LPD8, MPD218, MIDImix, M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro, Native Instruments Maschine Mikro Mk 2 controllers [that’s quite a lot of pad controllers – Ed]; Numark Party Mix DJ controller; Icon Platform M DAW controller [and that’s just added a few more – Ed]; Arturia MicroBrute; t.akustik CBT-37, WAS-7 and EQ Acoustics Classic Wedge acoustic treatment.

MT: Which DAW do you use, and why?

I have always used Image Line’s FL Studio. Since starting out with it, I did try and switch to Studio One, but I found that there were really useful and important functions missing in it.

MT: What is your favourite piece of studio gear?

I think that my favourite equipment is the Icon Platform M DAW Controller largely down to its motor faders, the clarity of use and the important functionality. It means that I can do so many things without even touching my mouse.


MT: How often would you say you spend in your studio per week?

About 30 hours.

MT: How do you use your studio? As in, are you recording bands, working professionally, or just making music for fun?

All of those things! I use the studio for everything, whether I’m recording work for professional productions or just having fun jamming.

MT: What’s next on your shopping list?

I’m looking forward to buying an Arturia DrumBrute. It’s a great drum machine.

MT: What’s your dream piece of gear?

I’m afraid there are too many great pieces to name a specific one.

MT: Do you have any studio advice for anyone starting out in music production or studio building?

Don’t worry too much about getting too much equipment when you start. The first thing you need is, of course, a DAW. Then you need good studio headphones, an audio interface and a MIDI Keyboard.

That’s the basics and with it, you can start making music. Oh yes, one last piece of advice: don’t have open drinks in the workplace!