Studio Interviews: Tatraground Studio

Kece is the owner of the great Tatraground Studio, situated in a painfully idyllic location. Don’t read on if you suffer from studio jealousy…

Tatraground Studio

Interviewee Kece
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  • Avalon outboard
  • Waves, NI and Synthogy plug-ins
  • A huge range of outboard
  • Monitors and more monitors
  • Gorgeous location and in an old cinema!

Tell us about your studio Kece…

Our studio is located in the state cinema building at the foot of the fabulous High Tatras mountains in Poprad, Slovakia. We’ve been here for seven years. This place is like a magnet for all kinds of artists.

It’s an older building and there must be some magic in it, because on each floor you can find a lot of musicians from different bands and photographers with workshops. There’s only three floors, so it’s packed with lots of interesting people. I’m happy that I could be the part of it with our nice and cozy studio and I also have a beautiful view.

What are the main pieces of gear that you use in the studio?

We have a vintage Neumann CMV 563 mic set within an M7 capsule; Avalon VT-737 and VT-747SP channels strip and compressor; SPL Tube Vitalizer mastering processor; SSL channel strip from a 4000E console plus many great analogue and digital synths, including a Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-6 and a Moog Prodigy.


Which DAW and why?

After lots of experiences with all kinds of software and DAWs, Cubase took the part.

What’s your favourite piece of gear?

Definitely the DSI Prophet-6, because of the full, rich, analogue sound. It’s just an honestly made synth which is hard to find these days.

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How do you use your studio?

My job is fun and fun is my job; that’s how it is supposed to be in life, right? We do a lot of electronic music production and also most of the post-production, mixing and mastering for customers worldwide. We master for many dance music labels and record everything from bands to rappers and create music for commercials, films and even ghost production of any kind.

We collaborate with many spiritual musicians and singers. We can go fully analogue through the console or digital, it really depends on what the artist wants. We don’t specialize in any genre, we are able to work on anything and that’s why our schedule is always pretty tight.

Next on your gear shopping list?

A Manley Variable Mu mastering compressor to improve my ‘magic’ level.

What is your dream piece of gear?

An 8078 because we love the sound of Neve.

Top piece of production advice?

The main element of dance music is the dynamic. The most important thing is selection of sounds/instruments. They have to work together as best as possible, they need to complement each other for balance.

Top studio advice?

Buying hardware is all about the money you want to invest and that’s the first part. The second and most important part is the person behind the knobs.

Tatraground Studio

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