Studio Interviews: VOXBOX Studio

Words fail us in our latest studio interview with Chicago-based VOXBOX Studio, a homegrown space that has to be seen to be believed…

voxbox studio

Interviewee: Kevin Selph


MT: Tell us about your amazing studio…

VOXBOX Studio is a basement project studio located just outside of Chicago in the southwest suburb of Frankfort. The studio was a long time dream of mine as a means to pursue my hobby of music and a way to escape the daily grind of the real world.

MT: It’s an incredible setup, what kit are you using?

The basic setup of the studio includes: a custom ADK Pro Audio PC , Cakewalk Sonar Platinum DAW, RME Fireface 800 Interface, PreSonus Central Station Monitor Control, PreSonus FaderPort, AKAI Professional Advance 49 Midi Keyboard Controller, LG UltraWide Monitor, Dynaudio BM5A MKII Nearfield Monitors, vintage JBL 4312A Control monitors.

MT: Which DAW do you use?

I use Cakewalk Sonar Platinum. The studio is primarily used for writing music and recording small projects. Most of the time I work alone so a very MIDI friendly DAW was needed.


MT: What is your favourite piece of gear and why?

My Universal Audio Solo 610 preamp is my workhorse. I love the analog warmth it adds to vocals and bass guitar.

MT: How often would you say do you spend in your studio per week?

Very sad to say during the summer maybe once a week.

MT: How do you use your studio?

Everything from classic rock bands to gospel rappers have been in and out of the studio. The studio was basically built as a project/writing studio for family and friends to use and create music for fun.

MT: What is next on your shopping list?

You can never have enough microphones so a pair of Warm Audio WA-87 classic condensor mics would be sweet.

MT: Dream piece of gear?

A Universal Audio LA 2A would be sweet. A must for every vocal track.

MT: What is your top piece of production advice?

Don’t over process your signal chains. If it’s crap going in it’s going to be crap coming out.

MT: What advice would you give to someone starting out building a studio?

Invest time in planning a studio environment that you want to spend time in and feeds the vibe of your creativity. The space is just as important as the tools to creating great music.