Show off your Studio – Weekly Roundup 34

We’ve had a few weeks off from collecting our studio image submissions, with the summer and the holidays and all the languishing about we’ve generally been doing. But now we’re back – and so are your images – with a vengeance. Here’s the latest roundup of some of the best studios we’ve seen since… well… the last roundup!

Here’s the fantastic studio setup of Carlos Vidal, Massive speakers!


Some great contemporary gear in the studio setup of Florian Rauh

A nice, professional looking studio in this shot from Hector Varela

Ivan Bush

The cosy, but gear heavy studio of Ivan Bush, thumbs up from us!


Janam Saraiya

A great front on shot of the studio setup of Janam Saraiya, complete with additional tablet control

Jason Carpenter

The personalised, tidy studio here from Jason Carpenter, nice collection of outboard!

An amazing shot here of the massive, impressive desk, outboard, speakers and monitors from Kinetic Soundboy


It doesn’t matter how big your studio setup is, or how much gear you’ve got – if you use it to make music then we want to see it! – here’s Lewis José’s mobile setup

Marco Snoke Piscopo

Crikey, quite a collection of studio gear in this shot from Marco Snoke Piscopo, love the glowing red mouse too!

Mert Zo

An amazingly lit studio setup in this shot from Mert Zo, can’t see a great deal of hardware though!

Michael Aiello

Michael Aiello sent us this amazing shot of his studio, though sitting between those monitors might result in deafness!

Michael King Tabernilla

Michael King Tabernilla sent us this great shot of his simple but very well organised studio, lovely greenery outside!

Sey Izzy

A fantastic shot of a pro studio setup here from Sey Izzy. Love a triple-screen

Victor Belmont

The simple studio setup of Victor Belmont, complete with that omnipresent studio essential – a lava lamp

Vladimir Abovyan

What Vladimir Abovyan lacks in impressive gear, he makes up for with – well, a whole beach! Another simple music making setup for the outdoorsy producer