Superbooth16 – Gallery

Our first day at Superbooth16 has been quite a treat for the eyes and the ears. Here’s some of our highlights in pictorial form…

Rather than list the cool companies here at Superbooth16, here’s a floor plan so you can see for yourselves who is here…


Here is the Bastl stand in full with a guitar being controlled by the modular. And why not?

We love the wood finish too

The Moog garden was a place of contemplation and relaxation. And of fawning embarrassment later when we met one of Kraftwerk there…


The Mother 32 (or 2) easily and effortlessly reveals why we gave it 10 out of 10

It’s not all about hardware. On the Bitwig stand we get to see the future of DAW control with a complete multitouch Surface4 demo that leaves us stunned. Forget your MIDI controllers, this is how we should be using our DAWs from now on…

Screen shot 2016-04-01 at 15.01.25

That will cost you around £10k. We love Lunar Modular and had a long chat with them about sequencing.

Roland is, of course, finally back in the analogue game big time. If only they could make enough of these beauties for us to get a review sample…

It’s only Dave Smith, guarding the OB-6 as we try to steal it. See our show report for more!

A pair of Schmidt synths. The price of a cool loft apartment in Berlin, right there…

Patchblocks! Very cool. These have been around for a while but it’s the first time we’ve seen them in action. They are single units of ‘choose your colour’ modules which you then program to be whatever you want them to be, in a modular synth style, and then link them together. Review soon!

App modular! This company makes modular apps that you assemble through Ableton link. Modular synthesis for the app generation!

Finally for now it’s the Studio Electronics Sensei, possibly the finest synth ever as it features filters based on major classic synths. And just look at it ferchristssake. Review soon!