Talking Tech: How Long Do You Spend in the Studio?

In the second question we posed to our audience we asked ‘how much time do you spend in your studio?’ and your answers gave a pretty fascinating insight into your creative habits. If only we all had unlimited free time ey? Check out the previous installment of ‘Talking Tech’ here


Yung Depo “Everyday, either I’m making beats, writing, or recording myself or fellow collaborators. Keep as productive as u can, it pays off in knowledge and skrilla.”


Christopher David Hanson“We used to book a whole weekend for stem tracks then a few follow up sessions to decorate the tree. All the songs had a very similar sound since mic placement didn’t change for the core tracks. Now we record many smaller sessions throughout the year with different gear and mic placement. Better on ear fatigue for the listener and makes for a more entertaining album sonically.”

Trevor Mundye “Most evenings till very late when making a track, work on building and tweaking until ready for mastering then leave it for a few days and with fresh ears check and adjust track channel volumes as necessary and finally master.”

Steve Griffiths “Roughly around 30+ hours. I work full time but I finish early and have an understanding partner. Sadly producing ghetto funk / glitch hop can’t be my full time occupation.”

studio time 2

Michael Van Thoor It’s my weekday workplace. Most of the time I spend nearly 12 hours a day producing. I live from the music”

Siobhan Garvey “Not enough. But, I’m moving house this weekend and will soon have an all new studio with more space for my gear including my drums. I’ll be in there every day from then on”


Tom Goodson “A minimum of 5 hours per day, frequently more. I am most productive from about 8:00am to about 1:00pm. This seems to be my peak time.”

Stephen Brindley “I used to record all night as it’s a great time to be working on music!”

studio time 3

Barend Steenbakkers “It all depends on the workflow. If I got the inspiration then I dont track time. If I dont have the inspiration it’s probably 20 minutes max.”

Navid Delshad Nilchian  “A better question for me: “How much time do you spend OUTSIDE of your studio?”

Mikas Anguelov  “About 10 hours a day… 6 days”

Keith McHard “35 years so far”