Talking Tech: What’s The Best Produced Track Ever?

Another question we asked was the highly contentious ‘what’s the best produced track (or album we suppose) of all time?’ – we’ve got our ideas of course but your responses gave us some great food for thought and made us want to spend some time re-listening to a lot of (often) overlooked music…

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best track 1


Siobhan Garvey  “The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows. For what they achieved with the technology available at the time, and the techniques they pretty much invented I think it’s pretty much perfect. Some may disagree, but that’s my answer and I’m sticking to it.”

Alen Newman“Audioslave had the most incredibly big and natural drum recordings I’ve ever heard. Stupid Nickleback has some of the best mixes ever made, but I’m always amazed at late 40s jazz recordings such as Kind of Blue. So open and intricate! And then there’s Supertramp…”

Joshua Michael McLeanFuture People by Alabama Shakes (actually the entire Sound & Color album)”

Patricio Orozco-Contreras “Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream? Despite not being the musical style I love the most, it’s quite an impressive achievement. The “sonic narrative” is SO well put together in terms of amplitude, dynamics, spectrum and stereo width that it’s quite a joy to listen. Quite a great production/mixing/mastering work!”

Mark Luljak “Pick pretty much any track off of Duran Duran’s Notorious album. “American Science”, “Skin Trade”, and the list just goes on and on. The entire album is polished from front to back, and has some of the highest production values I’ve heard.”


Robert Taylor“They’re a few but the one that sticks out in my mind is Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick – The Show. That track use to make my cheap realistic car radio back in the day sound like a top notch audio system.”

Ollie Hussey “Homesick – Catfish And The Bottlemen. I think they did an incredible job with the production on this album which is a large part of what turned me on to it. Their follow-up pales in comparison”

Robert Whitworth“Any Color You Like” produced by the band and engineered by Alan Parsons- performed by Pink Floyd on Dark Side of the Moon! Also, “Great Gig in the Sky” from the same album”

Gino Bragagnolo “The Ran-dells-Martian Hop, Del Shannon-Runaway, Brian Hyland-Sealed with a Kiss, The Crystals- He’s a Rebel (Phil Spector), The Tornados-Stingray (Joe Meek), The Beatles- Strawberry Fields Forever, Pink Floyd- See Emily Play, Norman Smith engineered psychedelic stuff: Not even reached 1970 yet”

Fredd Andres “Peter Gabriel  – Sledge Hammer”

Hens Zimmerman Pop by N’Sync (produced by BT). Even if you don’t like that song, you’ve got to admit it’s pretty amazing in terms of production.”

Jonathan Keith “Everyone’s answers are so subjective – what does that say about the psychology of music and our appreciation of it’s production? I would have to say Brian Eno or Jon Hopkins studio work but again that’s just personal preference like everyone else. That’s why I never judge people’s artistic preferences.”

best track 2

Steve Onions “Abba’s Super Trouper. It’s a masterclass in how to bring the best out of synth sounds.”

Max Taladriz“Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” album, it has perfect production and the drums sound clean and clear as f**k”

Vesko Lazovic“Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody”

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