Talking Tech: Your Classic Gear Wish Lists

There’s a lot of problems that arise for today’s producer. The most common of which is the desire for classic gear, particularly a Roland Space Echo and Fender Rhodes. You’ve got good taste…

Nathan Van Middlesworth: Roland Jupiter 8 would be a fun one, simply as it is insanely iconic! Can barely listen to 80’s music without it being featured somewhere in the song! Also pretty into the ARP2600 and a lot of those synths with the patching cables. A Wurlitzer Sideman would be kinda cool to just simply see in person, as that’s like the first known drum machine! A Voder would be cool to see too! And clearly it would be cool to see some of the various acoustic world instruments that are super rare these days,or extinct!


Michael Aurelius: Korg Trinity V3 pro X with the PBS, DI, and HDR-TRI Expansions and all the original Disk Sets (Mega Pianos, Best of M1, Dance Waves, etc). I had the original non-V3 that I restored and made it look new again. I LOVED the size and feel of it. I hated having to let it go, should’ve just kept it. I also really want the M1 PlusOne, T1, 01/W pro X, and a Z1…

Todd Bacon: Memory Moog, OBX-A, Old Morley Power Wah and Roland Space Echo!

Kial Knickerbocker: Roland Space Echo, Neumann M49, Jupiter and a whole bunch of new tech too.

Iván Luca Zamorano: Roland Space Echo

Oliver Max Mason: Space Echo


Andy Sheridan: Space Echo and a Mu-Tron

classic gear

Troy Valentine: Fender Rhodes 73 stereo with built-in tremolo and a wah pedal. Already have a vibe style pedal…

Ross Nockles: I was fortunate to get the thing I wanted. I’d wondered if there was a plugin emulation of a Leslie cabinet then I saw a review of the UVI Rotary, I bookmarked it and when my tax rebate came through I snapped it up. I’ve only used it on one track so far but I’m really pleased I have it.

Damien Green: I feel like I might be in the minority when I say… none! turn it into a vst plugin and let me use 50 of them if I want to for the same price as 1. I can live with 2% of the world thinking it doesn’t sound real enough.

Ilya Mazaev: A rack of Pultecs!

Fabien Modrono: Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, B3…

Steven Elliot Bradshaw: Rhodes, OB-8.

Jim Alciere: I want an 80s Boss compressor. Used to use that with a four track cassette recorder. Still can’t get that sound.

Tiares Atey: I don’t want to say, the price on eBay is already high enough.