Talking Tech: What’s The Future Of Music Making?

Whilst music, and all creative arts to an extent, follows a very cyclical pattern, the continued innovation in technology continues to push the boundaries of what can be achieved. But what does the future hold for music making? Here’s what you said…

future of music

Jon Fleming: Probably more lazily written drek churned out by talentless attention seekers that have been granted celebrity status because they were on a reality tv show. I hope it isn’t, although I’m probably right, which sucks.


Benjamin Price: Modular and customizable DAWs. Making you own DAW picking Logic’s Piano Roll (i.e.) and combining it with some cool Ableton Live features and THAT plugin from FL Studio. Making rewire stone aged.

John J MacDonald: AI. Automation won’t stop at driverless cars, truck convoys or military drones and AI won’t be the exclusive domain of computer games and the like. We’re beginning to see it already. Music will write itself!

Steven Diedesch: Probably more generic, inane, autotuned feel-good lyrics from generic over processed vocalists, oversimplified C-major scale “melodies”, more rhyming a word with itself, perhaps a spike in pentatonic scales as more and more lazy producers discover that it is literally impossible to write something that sounds wrong in pentatonic, so really, the future of music is more of the same.

Which is disappointing, because the whole of 1990’s cyberpunk had me believe it was going to be drum & bass and rave techno.

Andreas Mourtzoukos: In my opinion… Since the composers became more makers than artists/creators, Music has no future as is. Because in art, there’s big difference between creation and just making.


Mairis Baumanis: Record music straight from Your mind to DAW.

Matt Nicholson: Probably the same as it’s always been. “The horn is the future of music!” “The pianoforte is the future of music!” “The concerto is the future of music!” “The electric guitar is the future of music!” “Vinyl is the future of music!” “Synthesisers are the future of music!” “MP3 is the future of music!” “AI is the future of music!”

Same 3000 years of music, different hype.

Jacob Skovsbøll Knudsen: We get robots to do it for us…I mean, we’re already there, sort of… Or maybe some sort of neural interface which makes custom music for the mood we’re in. As internet connections becomes almost instantaneous maybe we will see “megabands” – musicians performing from all parts of the world and people logging on and off either to play or to listen as they please. A neverending jam of sorts.

John Lee: I’ve never used one but companies selling DAW templates in various genres seem to be doing very well. I don’t think I could look at myself in the mirror again.

Ashysh Sharma: AI composing for poorly skilled ‘button-clicking’ composers launching and flaunting such ready-made music as their creative genius without any idea about the no. of factors that went in to humanly create the classics of yesteryears.

Nathan VanMiddlesworth: I hope for the return of real musicians who can actually write meaningful songs, that aren’t just some REALLY bad “singing” over some 80’s song!