Talking Tech: Your Most Wanted Tech

Once again we asked you to contribute to our newest feature, ‘Talking Tech’. This time round we asked ‘what tech do you want for your studio?’, a question that mainly proved that we producers are a greedy bunch. We can dream though, right? Click here to read our previous instalment of Talking Tech.

Siobhan Garvey: “Too much to list. But here’s a couple of things. A Canopus drum kit, with two or three different sized Zelkova snare drums. A nice big British built analogue mixing desk, Neve or SSL or something. Some damned good monitor speakers.”


Victor Mabry: “2012 Mac Pro 12-core with PCIe SSDs and 64Gb RAM, Mackie MCU Pro with extenders, Genelec 1030A monitors and a Hammer88 controller.”

most wanted tech

Russel Alexander Sickler: “What don’t I want? Neve Genesys Black would be great. Warm Audio WA-87, WA-2A, WA-76. Avantone CV-12. Focusrite Red 8pre. Presonus Eris e66 pair. Softube Console 1. Shure SM7B. Various pre-amps (ISA producer, Avalon, etc.) Marshall Half-stack. DIYRE Colour kits. Fender Rhodes. The list can always go on…”

Kevin Dodd: “Presonus Studio One upgrade to Producer edition, Sennheiser HD380 phones, and JBL LSR reference monitors.”

Dënn Äl: “A soundproofed air conditioned room with calibrated monitors…”


Stephen Brindley: “Novation Super Nova 2 and a pair of old Tannoy Studio monitors 15″ duel concentric speakers please.”

Brandon Mints: “Whatever’s in Joel Zimmerman’s f****** room, including his Dolby Atmos setup.”

Brian Glover: “Ableton Push 2, Ozone 7, NI Komplete Ultimate and S88, Moog Mother 32, iPad Pro, Yamaha HS5 x2. Nice production desk.”

most wanted tech

James van Wilson: “A chair I can sit in comfortably for 8 hours.”

Carl Witt: “MatrixBrute.”

Piotr Puźniak: “Native Instruments Maschine Studio!”

Keith McHard: “…a teaboy.”