Talking Tech: Your Most Wanted Vocalist

The featured vocalist is a double-edged sword. In today’s current pop climate it seems that so many tracks cram all manner of artists into a track, in an effort to cash in on their collective fame. And yet, so many incredible tracks owe their status to the input of the guest vocalist, who brought something completely new to the table. So we put it to you to find your most wanted vocalists. Here’s what you said…


Ike Aaron: Wildale Spencer (MC Fats) because he’s got one of the most iconic and soul stirring voices around. He’s known best to junglists but I’d love to have him on some of my tech and soul house!


DJ Ryan Khay: Has to be Tori Amos. An incredible vocalist and artist, and works well with electronic music. Professional Widdop one of the greatest remixes of all time!

Nathan VanMiddlesworth: Lana Del Rey, Sevara Nazarkhan and Grimes are just a few I’d love to work with; there are CLEARLY several others too! As for why? Their voices are stunning!

Diego Chavez: James Hetfield or M shadows on some of my bands heavier songs or on some of our progressive songs. Michale Graves on some of our acoustic stuff and punk stuff. And Greg Graffin on some of our punk driven songs.

Pierre Dupras: Ella Fitzgerald, who could sing six octaves in a single note or Karen Carpenter, who had the voice of an angel and incredible timing.

Justin Oliphant: Post Malone. His words, rhythms and cadences are unorthodox but I like the way it sounds all together it’d be interesting to see how he sounds on my stuff.

Orlando Él Gonzalez: David Bowie, if was alive and CeeLo Green; their unique ability to emote whatever they are singing in any style of musical literature.


Jayden Tweedie: Koda, a great singer and an amazing producer. He’s been my role model for music production for years.

Jim Alciere: Angelique Kidjo has a presence in her singing. She can sing so many different styles and genres of music.

Heath Hensel:

It’s an old joke Heath, but we’ll allow it…