Download an 80s-inspired chorus plug-in, exclusive to MusicTech

Magic Switch is a free plug-in developed by NYC-based audio software company BABY Audio. It is based on the 'Magic' feature from the brand's lo-fi multi-fx plug-in Super VHS, released in November 2019.

Super VHS was developed to give users an instantly gratifying suite of one-knob effects to infuse modern productions with the lo-fi magic of the 80s. The Super VHS plug-in hosts a channel strip of six effects, each adding a unique flavour of VHS-era goodness.

One of the most popular features in Super VHS is its 'Magic' button: A one-click chorus effect with a "deep, dark and rich tone".

The effect was inspired by the warm, detuned synth-scapes of the 80s. And, while, it's not designed to exactly emulate any classic design, BABY Audio set out to build its own ideal one-button chorus for the software age. And the company wanted to make it for a modern production scenario where the source sounds are cleaner and beg for more radical transformation.

Magic Switch combines a custom-built chorus algorithm with a series of gentle, analogue-modelled, low-pass filters to give the wet signal a more mellow vibe. We hope you will have fun with it!

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