6 of the Best: Modular/Eurorack effects

In our latest six of the best we decided that after last month’s look at modular synths, it makes sense to look at modular/Eurorack effects. Well, it made sense to us…

Erica Synths – Fusion

Price £450
Contact info@ericasynths.lv
Web www.ericasynths.lv


Erica Synths makes some of the best – and best-looking – modules around and this is no exception. It’s a delay, a flanger and stereo ensemble all in one. As Dave Gale said: “All of the monikers associated with the module, namely Delay, Flanger and Vintage Ensemble, are all there to hear, and colourful and wonderful they are, too. If you’re into sound design and like working with vintage noises, this is a must-hear bit of kit. It’s up there with the best of the analogue and modelling devices, which is rather befitting, given its analogue credentials and looks. In aesthetics and sound, this is a great module, but will appeal more to synthesists looking for that true analogue sound, which is surely the whole point…”

AJH Synth – Ring SM

Price £245-£260
Contact 07867 008964
Web www.ajhsynth.com

Allan Hall announced this at Superbooth last year and it certainly impressed reviewer Dave Gale. “This is packed full of features. There is no doubt that as a ring modulator, the Ring SM is in the big players’ league – and when you add the tonal depths of the subs, the big foundation of sound is laid out for all to hear, and it will be glorious. With the added functionality, it’s easily one of the best multi-function units I’ve come across. Not a jack of all trades, a master of all. Beautiful, and a class act…”

Expert Sleepers – Disting mk3

Price £125
Contact Expert Sleepers
Web www.expert-sleepers.com


It would be easier to say what this multi-function module doesn’t do than try and list what it does. With 20 functions, Dave Gale was enthusiastic, to say the least. “This unit is a no-brainer. With promised firmware updates to follow, which mean even more functionality, this is a huge boon to any small- to medium-sized Eurorack system: so much so, you might even find a place for more than one of them! It’s difficult to imagine who couldn’t use one of these… It’s such a useful bit of kit.”

Mutable Instruments – Rings

Price £249
Contact Mutable Instruments
Web mutable-instruments.net

French company Mutable Instruments has a number of great modules available and this is the company’s Resonator, an unusual module that wowed Eurorack expert Dave Gale: “If – like many of us Eurorack folk – you like to tinker and find new and interesting sounds, this is something to explore. It requires a degree of effort to learn to get the best from it, but when you do put in that time, the results can be quite stunning. Along with much of the Mutable Instruments line, Rings can bring a hint of the acoustic to an electronic world, and that can be quite magical.
“This is a pretty unique module that will offer pure sonic highlights with a little investment of time…”

Qu-Bit Electronix – Chord

Price £349
Contact Qu-Bit Electornix
Web www.qubitelectronix.com

Qu-Bit has produced a rather nifty module with the purpose of playing chords and plenty of them – which is unusual in modular synthesis, given the need for polyphony. “This is a pretty unique module,” said Dave Gale back in MT165. “Straight out of the box, you get oodles of harmonies that’d ordinarily take ages to recreate on a normal Eurorack system, and the sound quality is sublime. The module pretty much sells itself on the basis of its sound quality alone, but with the addition of all this chordal goodness, it’s difficult not to feel immediately inspired.” He concluded: “This is a fun but useful module, which could ultimately make a real difference to the way you use your Eurorack modular.”

Roland – AIRA

Price £245 per module (street price)
Contact 01792 702701
Web www.roland.co.uk

There’s no denying that Roland is trying pretty much everything to get back onto the top of the technology pile. This includes all manner of synths and these – digital Eurorack effects that can be configured any way you like. Dave Gale said: “Roland has made great strides recently to engage with the Eurorack world. Creating effects units that can be integrated within a Eurorack is certainly a brave route to take. The Scooper and Demora have something to offer, especially when you can have both in one module. A very welcome entry that should be hugely applauded.”