Six of the Best: Standalone Controllers – Icon QCon Pro

Best Build – Icon QCon Pro

Price £399
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Now here’s a controller that you feel – should the need arise – you could drive a tank over. The QCon Pro is designed to control most popular DAWs, does so with some aplomb and has a great action and feel. And it is, like we say, built to last, representing fantastic value – if, in nothing else its weight alone! Reviewer Hollin Jones said in MT146: “The layout is well-designed and communication between hardware and software instantaneous.

If you’re used to the mouse there’s inevitably a little readjustment needed when switching to physical controls, but it quickly becomes second nature. The ability to control a surprisingly wide range of DAW functions remotely is really useful, the faders feel accurate and motorisation is a real bonus. As a MIDI controller this unit works very well.”

He concluded: “A USB DAW MIDI controller that works well and won’t blind you with science. A good way to get hands-on with your projects.”

Full Review – Icon QCon Pro 

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