Six of the Best: Standalone Controller – Akai MPC40 MkII

Best For Live – Akai MPC40 MkII

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The original Akai APC40, which both Akai and Ableton developed, was the first of its generation of purpose-built Ableton Live controllers that included clip launching grids for the software. The MkII has a number of refinements and additions which meant reviewer


Hollin Jones ultimately concluded that: “We recommend all Akai APC40 MkI users to check the MkII out. It has a slimmer profile, slick crossgrading, and great colour matching to Ableton Live.”

He then concluded: “The APC40 MkII is a good example of a follow-up release outdoing the original in many ways, as it answers most of the Akai MkI user’s gripes.”